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Qualitair Walk in Cold Rooms

Walk in chiller cold room with Qualitair cold room cooler. All rooms are made to your sizes to fit into your premises. Apart from many shops, hotels and pubs we also supply smaller rooms to peoples homes. Ask for a quote for your application.



Mitsubishi Air Conditioning systems

                                                                                              Highly efficient and very quiet, the modern air con heat pump systems offer rapid heating or cooling to your room. Ideal for homes, business and server rooms etc. Discreet and compact and fully controllable from the hand held remote control.

  Qualitair Beer Cellar Cooling

                                                                                             The renowned Qualitair cellar cooler system is the only A2L system to operate on the popular R32 refrigerant gas as used by all Air Con systems. Very energy efficient and with a quiet outdoor unit. They feature a large temperature Touchscreen display and built in wall or ceiling brackets. Available to cool walk in fridges and now even lower temperatures with the electric defrost pack, ideal for -18C  The electronic controller is separate from the cooler evaporator and sited on the freezer wall


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