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Ice Machine Cellar Cooler Rental

Ice Machine & Cellar Cooler Hire for the Licensed Trade

Why Buy ice machines or Cellar Cooling when you can Rent monthly?

No repair bills ever! & a FREE annual service worth £162

We offer all UK Pubs Hotels and Clubs new ice making machines, cellar coolers & bottle coolers for long term rental (minimum 6 months hire)

These have the following benefits.

  • Short term rental / hire (min 6 months)
  • No repair bills.. Ever
  • Priority repair service
  • Buy ice machine (or cellar cooler) at any time
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • Replacement ice machine if we can’t repair at first visit
  • Free 6 month service worth £162 (Second service £142)
  • 5% discount on any product we sell
  • Does not affect your credit rating.

Instructions to Rent

1. Print the required Rental Agreement below

2. Return by post/email with your deposit & first months rental PLUS

3. Provide Evidence of standing order.

4. Provide a utility bill with your name on it, and your new machine will be delivered or cellar cooler installed to that address.

To pay into our bank 06610917  80-22-60 payable to UK Cellar Cooling.
We must receive the fully completed agreement and both payments before supplying you your equipment.

All our rental/hire schemes start with advance monthly rental plus a deposit equivalent to 3 months rental, after the first month you will continue with the monthly rental payable by standing order until further notice.

Payment is only by standing order each month free of charge.

Any questions please call UK Cellar Cooling on 01576 300531 (head office) or Norfolk branch 01603 340094

25kg machine makes 25kg per 24 hours and stores 7kg
40kg machine makes 30 to 40kg per 24 hours and stores 8kg to 20kg

The 4kw medium cellar cooling system (No.2) for a medium cellar up to 15’ x 20’ with no more than 30’ (9m) of pipe work and cable between the two units.

Adequate ventilation space is required around the outdoor unit. If in doubt call us with your installation details before ordering otherwise you will be charged for an unsuccessful install attempt (£300 plus vat), pictures of the locations are always a help to us.

Beer cellar cooler hire from the market leaders UK Cellar Cooling ltd, regulated by the FCA. Serving all of the UK.

Buy or hire Cellar Cooling Direct from the manufacturer. Qualitair from UK Cellar Cooling

Cellar coolers require 2 services per year, we offer one free with second at £162

Qualitair Premium Cellar Coolers

also see https://www.qualitaircellarcooling.co.uk/technical-downloads.html

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