Cellar Cooling
Cellar Cooling

Qualitair Premium Cellar Coolers

Qualitair Premium Cellar Coolers for your Cellar or Walk-in Cold Room

  • R32 refrigerant gas
  • Whisper quiet indoor and outdoor units
  • SilentFlow indoor fan saves 100Watts p/h
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Ceiling or wall mounting using fixed brackets
  • Touchscreen digital control
  • 100% recyclable at end of life

R32 gas has a global warming potential GWP 68% less than R410a and has a zero ozone depletion potential ODP  Plus a 20% less refrigerant charge, so is kinder to the environment and easier to recycle than any competitors coolers. Qualitair’s Touchscreen offers the most economical control of your system to save energy and keep the desired cellar temperature. The large screen even tells you when a routine service is due helping you keep it in top condition.
Qualitair fans, standard or SilentFlow, provide powerful yet quiet air flows for rapid cooling.

Premium+ has extensive sound insulation and is the quietest cooling system available. Ideal for hotels and pubs with letting rooms.
With the Qualitair unique 5 year warranty this really is a Premium cold room cooling system.

Indoor unit dimensions 770mm wide, x 530mm high, x 520mm deep (including brackets)

Outdoor unit dimensions 700mm wide, x 500mm high, x 300mm deep (plus gap required behind of 100mm for airflow).
QP70 outdoor 600mm high.

Refrigerant R32 for chiller cold room systems and R448a for electric defrost freezer cold room systems.

Electric defrost elements for freezers

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