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Beer Cellar Cooler Installed Price List, Nationwide UK

The prices below are for the complete Qualitair, Marstair or J & E Hall Cellar Cooling Refrigeration system with new copper pipes, pipe insulation, refrigerant gas, electric isolator and cables.*

FULLY INSTALLED with 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty*

The price includes outdoor electrical isolator and outdoor condensing unit wall brackets.

When comparing our prices with other quotes please check they include the following:

  • Both indoor fan cooler and outdoor condensing unit
  • Digital Temperature Touchscreen display
  • Copper pipe and pipe insulation
  • Unit wall brackets and install kit
  • Interconnecting electric cables
  • Outdoor electrical isolator
  • Full installation
  • Refrigerant gas (super efficient R32)
  • Disconnection of your existing cooling equipment
  • 60 month parts and labour warranty*
  • Eco Friendly refrigeration system and gas, saving energy costs and whisper quiet.

Installed throughout England, Wales and Scotland mainland. (Islands may incur additional ferry transport costs)

We can remove your existing equipment if required but we will have to charge a £60 fee. We have to dispose of hazardous* equipment in a safe manner which involves completing various forms to comply with legislation. *containing oil or refrigerant gas.

How do I get the fully installed price with 5 year warranty?

It’s simple, just measure the size of your cellar, length x width = area, and select the size below within your dimensions, for example, if your cellar is 10’ x 12’ which equals 120 square feet (or if you prefer metric 3.5m x 3m = 10.5m) the unit you require is number 1.

Your existing system has pipes between indoor and outdoor units, it may be possible for us to use the same route providing the pipes are visible. We will not be able to remove floorboards to run new pipes. The outdoor condensing unit is normally located outside on the ground, wall brackets or a convenient flat roof. Sometimes its possible to site the outdoor unit in another room, providing there’s adequate ventilation in the room & much larger than the cellar. Please ask if you need advice.

Above prices are for full payment upon installation.

  • Refrigeration labour rate for repairs £54 per hour
  • Mileage charge 30p per mile from previous job
  • *Bi-annual Beer Cellar Cooler Service £162 includes coil cleaner and gas leak check.
  • Free Quotations and Advice… just call us.

*In some situations previous pipes have been buried in the floor, walls or ceiling and we may have to re-use existing pipe work, this may require flushing first at extra cost, otherwise everything will be new. The outdoor unit is designed to work in an ambient temperature of 27C, exceeding this may reduce the cooling capacity and in any event they cannot work satisfactorily above 32C.Emergency Fast beer cellar cooling installation in Norfolk now available. Same or next day fitting Call our Norwich branch on 01603 340094 

There are extra costs to attend inner London to cover congestion charge and parking. +£80 minimum.

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