Walk in Cold Rooms

PVC strip curtains Qualitair manufacture walk in refrigerated cold rooms (walk in fridges) custom built to your room sizes using up to 100mm thick modular panels, saving energy.  All cold room sizes are available for sale using standard sizes or made to fit your cold room area.  Cold room doors are standard hinged but also sliding doors, double glazed doors and fork lift door sizes available.  Installed by our own fitters throughout the UK. Trade and direct supply to all food businesses including ghost kitchens, pubs, restaurants and farm shops etc

Instead of having many noisy fridges or freezers why not have a walk in room fully shelved? This will  allow you easy stock checking and access to your fresh products. Ideal for storage of box’s, cuts of meat, ready meals, vegetables, animal pet foods or fresh flowers etc  Available with hanging rails, shelves or just empty, the choice is yours..

Full  installation cold room service to pubs, butchers, fast food restaurants, farms, hotels, dark kitchens and florists etc

Fully automatic cold room cooling refrigeration operation and auto interior LED lights etc. Just switch on and leave it to do its cooling duty. Easy to clean with food safe white coated galvanised steel surface and choice of floors or no floor for pallet truck or beer barrel loading. All doors come with internal safety releases visible even in the dark. Stainless steel interior also available for fish storage and harsh environments or for just a long term hard wearing solution.

We offer you the Qualitair Q silent split refrigeration cooling system so all the heat generated is put outdoors also giving you a quiet inside space. Alternatively we can fit a Qualitair mono block refrigeration unit.

  • Save space.
  • Qualitair Quiet refrigeration system
  • Made to your sizes with market leading 100mm insulated panels, saves 20% more energy.
  • Competitive prices
  • Fully automatic operation with Touchscreen
  • Temperature 2C to 8C (chiller) or -18C (freezer)
  • Choice of floors, brown composite (standard), aluminium, no floor or drained floor.
  • Nationwide UK installation

Sample prices below with typical 3 year lease cost

The smallest cold room we make is 1200 x 1200, we can also turn an existing room or basement into an insulated walk in cold room, beer store or wine cellar.

General Spec.
85-100mm thick panels, including floor )unless not wanted) door has brush type gasket if no floor.
Left hand hung hinged door standard with fluorescent safety button.                                                 Standard height room 2200mm gives 2000mm interior height.                                                                           White rippled effect galvanised steel facing to panels    Plastic trims to some corners and joins  Cam locks to most panels.                                                                Can be used externally but will require sloping roof to prevent rain entering or pooling on the cold room roof  We can offer this extra building service using one piece rubber roofing, EPDM, at extra cost. Also timber external cladding for blending in within farm buildings etc

PVC strip curtains are recommended for high use rooms to help keep the cold in and heat out, saving you energy. Price £125 per 1m width, £75 for each additional metre width. (We cut to your sizes)

Options include:

  • Hanging rails
  • Full shelving
  • Stainless finish
  • Floor drain (Ideal for when washing down is required)
  • PVC curtains (standard on freezer)
  • No floor
  • Sliding door
  • Double glazed door
  • Roller shutter door
  • Timber clad with sloping roof for outside

Please note, the areas for installation must be clear for our installers to work and the floor must be flat. Panel sizes are often 1mx 2.2m so a clear access route through the building must be considered. Pipe  runs to the outdoor condensing unit maximum 9m.  A 13 or 16 amp power supply is required for rooms up to 4m x 5m.  Drainage from refrigeration to outdoors or nearby suitable drain, or pump optional at £148

We stock standard cold room panels at our warehouse near Norwich Call us on Norwich 01603 340094

Qualitair cold rooms and Qualitair refrigeration systems will give you years of efficient cooling for your chilled food requirements, only direct from UK Cold Rooms.

Walk in Chiller cold rooms +2 – +8C fresh food/flower storage.
Walk in Freezer cold rooms -18C general frozen food storage.
Walk in Blast Freezer cold rooms -20C for freezing food ready to store. Normally within 12 hours.
Any specific requirements please ask. All rooms are designed to be used in a dry ambient temperature of  up to 28C with moderate use. Heavy frequent use or mechanical handing may require different refrigeration systems.
Email the cold room size or sketch you require with any other info or pictures such as

1.Door location,

2. Shelving 

3. Details of refrigeration system required.  Then let us do the rest. sales@cellarcooling.co.uk

Cold rooms custom built to any size, any temperature in a choice of finishes, white, stainless, aluminium, plastic etc

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