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Slimline Cellar Cooling System

Slimline Cellar Cooling System

This is the quietest and smallest cellar cooler on the market ideal for cellars and wine stores in hotels, pubs, micro breweries and home. Low Noise, Low Price and straightforward to install.
This exclusive low cost, Qualitair Slimline compact Beer cellar cooling system is installed anywhere in the UK mainland (Islands at extra cost).                    It is complete with digital temperature control and fault diagnosis readout, crossflow eco silent fan, extremely compact dimensions and low noise outdoor unit. This unique system only available from UK Cellar Cooling, is ideal for noise sensitive areas or for very small cellars that have minimal free space available. Also ideal for home wine cellars as no noise or vibration. Operates at brewery approved 12C in an ambient of 27C. Will simply plug into a nearby 13 amp socket.


System No. Cellar Size (Area) Model Price (3 yr lease daily equivalent)
1 3m x 4m QSL35 £1790 (£69 pm)
2 4m x 4.5m QSL50 £1940 (£75 pm)


Prices are for complete cooling system fully installed with up to 9m of interconnecting pipe work between indoor and outdoor units, cables, outdoor electrical isolator and all fixing kits, plus vat. (Prices in brackets are typical monthly payments on a 3 year lease plan)

QSL35/QSL50 Indoor Unit 900 long x 250 high x 200 deep   Ideal power supply to indoors 13amp                                                            Q35CU/Q50CU Outdoor Unit 900 long x 630 high x 300 deep  Ideal power supply to indoors 16amp

Cellar cooling for all wines and beers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

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