Cellar Cooling
Cellar Cooling

Custom Built Refrigeration

Just For YouKitchen larder cupboard fridge conversion The market leaders offer custom built products from 1 off cabinet conversions to home wine cabinets.
With over 40 years manufacturing experience in refrigerated and heated cabinets, cold rooms etc, we will manufacture to your drawings and specifications.
Our most popular products are home wine cellars with double glazed oak framed doors. We can also convert existing period furniture to incorporate a drinks fridge-ice maker-water dispenser or as you require. We have carpenters to finish the outside or glass doors in say oak and a graphic sign making department who can maybe wrap an item or personalise it with your names or logo and almost any colour you wish. A full range of other finishes available including stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, glass and fabrics.
Another popular item is a florists cold room.  Double glazed sliding doors or panels so the customer can see and a staff rear door or as you require.

Simply email your requirements, pictures, drawings to sales@cellarcooling.co.uk.

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