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With high energy prices and cellar coolers operating 18 hours per day… NOW could be the time to change for a High Efficiency Low Noise JCC system from J E Hall International.

Pub Beer Cellar Coolers installed nationwide from the Brewery Beer Master Specialists.

A refrigeration business at the forefront of tackling jobs in remote parts of the UK has installed J E Hall cellar coolers on island communities off the coast of Scotland. UK Cellar Cooling has been working at the Isle of Colonsay Brewery off the west coast of Scotland, the St Ola Hotel in Kirkwall, Orkney and on the mainland at The Loch Ness Brewery.

J E Hall’s JCC Cellar Cooler Range provides low cost and reliable units designed to maintain the perfect temperature required for beer and wine cellars. The units allow pubs and clubs to keep their cellars at a constant 12°C – the optimum temperature for beer and lager. The units are also extremely quiet which is of key importance in the licensing trade

The JCC range of indoor evaporator units has brewery specification six fins per inch evaporation coils and a powder coated mild steel casing which makes them easy to clean. The units are fitted with a standard electronic controller across the range which allows room temperatures down to 4°C and also makes them suitable for extending the life of perishable foods such as fruit, flowers, dairy products and vegetables.

he JCC cellar cooler range from J & E Hall supplied and fitted by National Installers UK Cellar Cooling provides a range of cost effective and reliable units designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine cellars.

From our price list if you require 4C temperatures then the room size from our chart needs to be reduced by 30% for example system size 1 will be suitable for a room up to 84 sq.ft or 7.7 sq.m

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Call UK Cellar Cooling Ltd on 01576 300531 for more information, installers and distributors of J&E Hall cellar coolers.

The JCC indoor units utilise brewery specification 6 fins per inch evaporator coils and a powder coated mild steel casing for ease of cleaning which together with the tried and tested condensing unit has produced a winning combination.


  • Cooling capacity: 2.8kW – 6.70kW
  • Low noise outdoor unit
  • Cost effective solution
  • Eco fan for lower running costs
  • Operates down to 4°C (in correct room size)
  • Small footprint
  • Ease of installation
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Digital temperature display
  • Outputs for suitable cellars are based on typical UK cellar construction. 32°C ambient (21°C for below ground); 12.7°C db / 10°C wb. Max product load of 16 l/m3 entering room at max temp of 21°C. Product cooling time 24hrs plant running time of 18hrs a day

Low energy consumption beer coolers from UK Cellar Cooling ltd

Distributors and wholesalers of J E Hall Beer Cellar Cooling Equipment call 01576 300531 for your lowest price installed quote.

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