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Like the Sound of Free Cooling?

The J&E Halls Ambient Beer Cooler, Hubbard Air Transfer Unit or “NEW” British built Qualitair Eco Beer Cooler circulates cool exterior air into the cellar area to reduce the need for cellar conditioning. Let the natural outside air chill your cellar during the colder months… virtually free!

Saves energy costs, controls cellar cooler and introduces FREE outdoor air.

Energy cost savings and coincidental benefits associated with using exterior cool air at this level can be substantial, this can also be controlled with your cellar cooler so if its cold outside the free air unit is used and when too warm the cellar cooler switches on, saves money in running costs. Free cooling units could operate for 6 months of the year saving hundreds of pounds in running costs and a large reduction in Co2 emissions.

Uses a flexible duct (150mm) to connect to outdoors so best suited to above ground cellars for ease of ducting run to outdoor wall

Size of Qualitair Eco Beer Cooler is 380mm high x 352mm wide x 352mm deep so is quite small and unobtrusive in your cellar.

  • Energy efficient for lower running costs
  • Digital control
  • Top quality components
  • Simple design for ease of maintenance
  • The typical installed cost is £1380* and we anticipate you could recoup the money within 12 – 18 months through a 40% potential operating cost saving. This will also prolong the life of your cellar cooling system as it will operate much less.

The system would be linked to your cellar cooling system and will operate when the outdoor temperature drops to 8C or lower and switch off your cellar refrigeration, once the outdoor temperature rises above 10C the ABC/ATU/EBC will switch on your cellar cooler, and itself switch off. This is likely in British climates to operate for at least 3 months of the year with your cellar cooler operating during the 9 warmer months.

With newer cellar cooling systems the payback time will be longer as the cooling system may be fairly efficient, with older systems the payback will be sooner, however it may be more worthwhile to change the complete cooling system and have the most up to date system.

*plus vat, providing it can be mounted on an outside wall of the cellar (i.e. above ground) Trunking will involve extra costs. Maximum wall thickness 400mm, cannot install to granite or flint walls. Qualitair Eco Beer Cooler and AmbientBeerCooler Can be installed with your new cellar cooling system for £1130 plus vat. (£1280 if to an existing system)

All details assume your beer cellar is operating at the recommended temperature of 12C. Ideally only kegs, bottles and barrels should be in the cellar.

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